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AbsorbaWall Acoustic wall panel

Wall Mounted Acoustic Solutions

Workplace Acoustics offer an impressive and effective range of acoustic wall panels including our high performance yet cost effective AbsorbaWall range of products. "Silence comes in many shapes and sizes!”

Suspended Acoustic Screens

Suspended Acoustic Solutions

Workplace Acoustics offer a wide range of suspended acoustic panels offering complete design flexibility whilst effectively treating your sound issues. the range includes our very own AbsorbaRaft, AbsorbaBaffle and AbsorbaVeil products.

“AbsorbaBaffle creates a stunning ceiling feature at the same time as effectively reducing reverberation”.

AbsorbaBooth Work acoustic workstation

Acoustic Hubs and Booths

Workplace Acoustics offer a stunning and effective range of acoustic hubs and booths. Safeguard privacy and escape from crowded, open and noisy surroundings. Find the best privacy booth for your space whether you wish to gather, brainstorm, socialise or focus with our impressive AbsorbaBooth, AbsorbaHub and AbsorbaCall acoustic product ranges.


K. L - Maris Interiors (11.12.2018)

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the work you were able to turn around for us so quickly last week. Your dedication to go the extra mile for us, and get the work carried out within our somewhat unrealistic timeframe, has salvaged the relationship between us and the client.  I will definitely be using your services in the future and look forward to working with you."

J. J - OEG Interiors (7.11.2018)

Project – Private Housing Association, Cardiff

Products – Bespoke Suspended Acoustic Baffles

"I worked with Mark and Workplace acoustics recently for the first time with a acoustic requirement at a Private Housing Association in Cardiff. 

The advice given and acoustic products supplied were just what we needed to the requirements and we now have a very happy client.

The acoustic knowledge, range of acoustic solutions along with the value and service provided by Mark and Workplace acoustics Ltd means that we will definitely work with them again in the future."

L. Pluckrose - PPVS (13.03.2019)

"Great to meet Mark Cox of Workplace Acoustics, I had noise issues in a clients meeting room and Mark helped me solve the problem by reducing noise an echo as well as giving me a very useful lesson in acoustics, Thank you Mark, every day is a school day"


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We don't charge for our site surveys. Please give our experts in the reduction of sound a call, they will be pleased to come out and recommend the perfect solution that works for you utilising our impressive range of acoustic products 

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